Affordable Health Care

imageASBDA has dedicated team of professionals who help you select from thousands of options on the the market. From HSA (Health Savings Accounts), HMO, PPO and Self Funded options for your small business. Our healthcare professionals role is twofold(two-fold). He or she has to listen to your needs, second match your needs with the most suitable option.

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ASBDA Small Business Loans

imageASBDA mission is to bring a variety of financing options to bear for expanding business and taking the financial stress off of health care and municipalities. There are options that are available to solve operational needs using external debt capital.

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Focus On Small

img Helping small business owners think bigger about who they are what they can offer the world. Focus on Small help exposes small businesses to new customers and creates a central place to find small business.Click below to find a small business near you.

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Who We Are

imgASBDA is a membership based non-profit organization for the small business community, individuals, and families. The ASBDA has expert advisers dedicated to protecting and improving the business, health, and lifestyles of its members through providing group association plans, savings and advice on products and services typically used by the small business community.

ASBDA has grown to thousands of members since it was founded in 2008; this allows individual members to take advantage of group association plans and group discounts on local to international companies and brands. Products range from Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, Taxes, and Retirement Plans to over 150 other benefits that help members save money on Legal Documents, Office Supplies, Travel, Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, Automotive, Groceries, Roadside Assistance, and More.

T/he ASBDA is committed to providing a standard of excellence in its level of discount programs and association benefits/services to its members. Because of this, we invite you to continually explore our site. Learn why and how to obtain a comprehensive, yet affordable health insurance plan for you, your family, your business, or maybe you know someone who needs health insurance and you would like to refer them to a licensed, trained professional Agent who really cares about their needs and level of affordability. ASBDA is your resource provider for all your health, business and lifestyle needs. We invite you to become a part of a family who really knows and cares - ASBDA!

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