Are you in need of a High Impact Interim, Part-Time or Consulting Chief Financial and Administrative Officer? ABDA has your back! As your strategic financial planner, we will provide all responsibilities specifically tailored for your organization.

We will provide the following as needed but not limited to:

Leadership in Finance & Administrative

  • Lead and grow the assigned team(s) to meet the organization’s needs in all areas of finance, accounting, HR, technology, etc.
  • Think and act entrepreneurially to preempt challenges and take advantage of opportunities that will further your company’s vision and mission
  • Hire, train, consult, and hold accountable key members of the Finance and Administrative team
  • Develop external training and consulting relationships as needed
  • Serve as a member of the Organization’s Executive Team


Finance and Accounting

  • Manage and oversee all day-to-day accounting systems and processes
  • Implement and maintain a consistent weekly/monthly/annual financial reporting structure to keep the Executive Team inform of financial position, results of operations, cash-flows, financial trends and critical metrics
  • Develop and maintain accounting procedures that produce financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Meet all external reporting requirements for lenders and investors
  • Ensure that finance and administrative areas have appropriate and efficient policies and procedures that creates organizational effectiveness
  • Oversee preparation of the annual budgeting process with input from appropriate staff
  • Oversee the financial audit and tax filings if applicable
  • Other needs as assigned


Working Capital and Capital Structure Management

  • Develop and execute a working capital strategy that increase net working capital
  • Establish cash collection and A/R management processes that minimizes days A/R is outstanding
  • Develop and execute a capital structure strategy that creates the proper balance of debt and equity financing to meet the company long term goals
  • Develop and manage outside debt and/or equity financing sources that meet both working capital and capital structure appropriate for the company
  • Other needs as assigned



  • Manage administrative department, including staff and outside consultants in the areas of HR, technology, etc.
  • Administer company payroll with high degree of reliability
  • Review and implement appropriate employee benefits that recruits and retain highly talented staff
  • Ensure that technology is harnessed to create productive systems to high quality employee effectiveness in order to create competitiveness and world class customer service
  • Other areas as needed


Today’s CFO is far beyond just a numbers tracker in accordance with GAAP, rather the source of strategic financial planning (SFP). Strategic financial planning is process that creates a capital environment that facilitates the company growth. It timely matches the financial plans with the mission and vision of the organization.