Vendor Finance

We leverage our access to a variety of lenders to help you drive sales and profits through lease finance programs tailored to your needs and those of your customers.

The benefits of leasing

Leasing can help manufacturers, distributors and dealers increase sales and grow business. It helps you close deals more easily, generate upgrade business, lock out the competition and improve your cash flow.

Leasing can remove your customers’ objections over price. Instead of a single large payment, they can enjoy your equipment and / or services through affordable regular payments. It is an easier sell for you and an easier way for your customers to budget. In addition you can also bundle in services such as maintenance to create total, customized packages for each customer.

In short, you can offer customers a one-stop shop for equipment and finance. Your customers do not need to go to a bank or third-party finance provider. The process is simple and you stay in control throughout.

Global reach

Many of our funding sources provide cross-border financing to Canada, South America, Asia and Europe. Let us know where you want to sell and we will work to find a solution to help you achieve your international reach. If you are a non-U.S. supplier and want to make it easier to sell into the United States, we can accommodate that as well.

The ASBDA advantage

ASBDA has underwriters that specialize in small to middle ticket leasing, municipal finance and others that focus on individual vertical industries. Coupled with our strength in commercial finance we bring together a powerful team of finance expertise that is creative and innovative in providing the financing your customers need to buy more from you. We can deliver financing solutions customized to your sales objectives, processes and distribution channels. ASBDA will be your virtual in-house financing department or support your current staff to close more business.

Call us toll free at 888-99-ASBDA (888-992-7232) or apply online; let’s tailor a financing program to integrate into your marketing strategy.